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Paul is a highly skilled conductor able to work with singers and musicians of all levels, varying from young beginners to the most excellent of professionals. Perhaps this can be explained from the fact that he approaches music from within: from the feeling that forms the core of the composition. As a poet, I have worked with him as a composer as well. He creates works of music that embrace and incorporate the warmth and the emotional depths of our music tradition. His work conveys pure emotion. Working with Paul van Gulick is a grandiose experience.
Annemarie Estor, writer, poet

A gorgeous project. In my long career as a teacher of Dante in America, I have not seen such a creative, briljant conversation of the arts – poetry and music – as I see now.
Professor Giuseppe Mazzotta, Yale University

"Paul van Gulicks work shows thorough knowledge of the specific character of choral composing... It should be pointed out that such melodiousness is rarely heard now at the time of avant-garde and supermodern harmonies... In Russia the work was recorded on CD being highly appreciated by both professional musicians and music-lovers"
Igor Fleisher
Honored artist of Russian Federation
Member of Bach Society (Leipzig)
Composer, Professor of Krasnoyarsk Academy of music and theater


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